Rudolf Steiner and the Rosicrucians: surprise transfiguration

Turning Points

Friday 2nd February 2018

7.30pm - 9pm

With Andrew Welburn

Rudolf Steiner’s journey from academic and philosopher to esoteric teacher took place in stages. His contact with Rosicrucianism from 1906 can help us understand the emerging key aspect of threefoldness, the Goetheanum double-dome, his attitude to occult tradition - and much more. It was a surprise to Rudolf Steiner himself and still holds manifold surprises as we uncover it today.

Andrew Welburn has been an academic in the fields of English Literature and biblical interpretation and history. A life-long anthroposophist, he has written several books on Steiner’s philosophy, esotericism and Christianity, and the prophet Zarathustra.

Cost: £5 / £3 concession

No booking required